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Best solution for small stores
Trufrost Vento are a premium range of Plug-Ins manufactured in Europe. They are designed specifically for small stores looking to find a balance between the widest possible display amidst a tight retail space.

Making the most of the inside thanks to the deep shelves, Vento Plug-In makes more room for customers, with its space-effective outer dimensions and ergonomic flat design. In addition to the efficient use of retail space and its high performance, they are equipped with an energy-saving fan and an innovative two-level condensation removal system. These technical solutions make these refrigerated cases the most energy-efficient equipment in their range.


Key Features

  • Sest innovative evaporator, Italy
  • Four rows of 400 mm deep shelves with price tags
  • Coloured front panels
  • Top led lighting
  • Vandal-proof look-through metal side pieces with a double-glazed unit
  • Energy-saving magnetic night blinds
  • Wooden packaging
  • Danfoss controller



  • Fruit section
  • Mirror side pieces
  • Plexiglass internal volume divider
  • Shelf space divider
  • Wire restraints
  • Connection kit for aligning
  • Electrical defrosting


Model: Vento-125
Temperature Range (°C): +1 ~ +7
Length without end walls (mm): 1178
Length with end walls (mm): 1260
Depth (mm): 710
Height (mm): 1946
Net weight (kg): 220
Display area (m2): 2.4
Volume (L): 860
Shelf depth (mm): 400
Energy consumption (kW per day): 17.5
Power (kW): 1.43
Refrigerant: R404a
Shelves: 4

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