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Endo-Cube is a NSF certified revolutionary food temperature-mimicking sensor (TMS) designed to increase the lifespan of the compressor whilst saving on energy bills through its life. With Endo-Cube, the compressor cycles less by up to 80%, thereby extending the life of the compressor. Studies also reveal that refrigeration systems use up to 22% less energy with its use.

How the Endo-Cube works

  • Endo-Cube measures the product temperature instead of the air temperature around the product.
  • The food simulant mimics food temperature at around 10mm below the surface.
  • It senses food simulant and maintain stored products at the right temperature.
  • It works as a refrigeration cycle controller by controlling Thermostat operation
  • Upto 80% reduction in On & Off cycles of the refrigeration, although cycles are little longer.


Top 6 reasons WHY you need Endo-Cube

  • Reduce your refrigeration energy costs by up to 22%
  • Increase the lifespan of your refrigeration equipment
  • Improves quality and fresher of your produce
  • Reduce servicing/repair costs to your equipment
  • No ongoing maintenance needed
  • Hassle free installation with no downtime
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